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Facebook to enter real-time news front with an app called Notify

There are a lot of people who prefer stumbling upon daily news on Facebook rather than going into separate apps for the same. The social network now wants to use this to its advantage in order to entice users into downloading an app named Notify.

This is not something we’re hearing about for the first time; a report about such a utility had seeped out into the open a few months back. It didn’t have a name back then, but we can call it Notify now and also take a gander at the kind of features it will come equipped with.

The AWL has revealed important details about the Facebook Notify app, along with a couple of screenshots. It’s claiming that the app is being tested right now, and is slated for release later this month or somewhere around that period.

Facebook Notify

It has been designed to provide users with aggregate notifications from several publishers on recently posted stories or content. It effectively allows them to receive news in real-time rather than just stumbling upon it, like on Facebook. It can definitely be said that Notify wishes to rival Twitter in many ways, since it has become the go-to destination for those looking for real-time news these days.

The images in the space above tell us that the notification settings of this Facebook app will be divided as ‘providers’ and ‘stations.’ Even within a certain publication, you can choose to get notified only when news from a certain category pops up.

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Facebook’s Notify will be a separate app rather than an integrated service of its main utility. It’s this decision that sets it apart from Twitter, and it hence remains to be seen how the audiences view the change.


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