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Facebook thinks you want more notifications, launches Notify app

Facebook has come out with a brand-new notifications app imaginatively named Notify to inundate users with even more information than they normally receive. The tool is only available for iOS right now, with no word on when it’ll expand to other platforms.

Facebook seems to be laying its eggs in the notifications game, having just announced major changes to the feature within its native app a few weeks ago. Notify promises to deliver bite-sized information right to a person’s lock screen. In order for the news to be relevant to each individual, the application offers the choice of various stations across genres like gaming, food, celeb and sports.

The Notify stations could be something specific like Fox’s Final Scores, where it summarizes the results of a match, and 10 Best Dressed courtesy of Vogue. It could also be broader, for instance breaking news alerts from CNN and new trailers via Fandango. Other options include Getty’s Flashback station, which sends out an iconic picture based on that day in history.

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Facebook Notify

These stations come via a large numbers of sources, with the current crop including the likes of Entertainment Tonight, Hulu, The New York Times, Buzzfeed, Bloomberg Business, Cosmopolitan and The Weather Channel. Notify could turn out to be a useful tool for companies, many of whom do not have a separate app to interact with readers.

Users seemingly benefit by getting access to a growing list of publications without having to visit various sites. Since Notify is a Facebook product, it integrates with an individual’s profile on the networking site to suggest even more stations relevant to them. People can further share or save the notification they receive by swiping the news in the lock screen when it appears.

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Notify seems to be engineered towards those who want to receive an endless series of updates through their phone. It could be annoying or useful, based on a person’s tolerance for constant notifications. Facebook has made the app available only in the US for now. You can download it via iTunes.

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