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Facebook takes Karma into its own hands

Facebook Acquires Karma

Clearly not interested in letting the hullabaloo around its IPO escapades die down before making more news, Facebook has acquired Karma. For those who are familiar with the latter, the service provides users with a convenient way to send others gifts via SMS, email or Facebook. And we’re not talking about virtual presents here.

Possibly among the best things to hit perennial online shoppers since, well, online shopping, Karma gives users an excuse to buy a present without too much physical exertion. Those availing of the service can simply choose a gift, pick a card to go with it and then expect the receiver to get an alert about the same. The company presently has Android and iPhone apps available for downloading through Google Play and iTunes, respectively.

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“Over the last year, we’ve built a new e-commerce platform from the ground up. We’ve been honored to partner with amazing brands to create a curated catalog of products. We made those products instantly giftable in a brand new way. And we harnessed the power of Facebook’s social network to ensure you never miss a chance to show someone you care. The phenomenal response and feedback we’ve heard from customers has more than exceeded our expectations,” says a post on the official Karma blog.

Facebook Karma Acquisition

Nothing specific has been mentioned about the Facebook-Karma deal in terms of the greenbacks changing hands. Fans of the service can probably anticipate better integration with Facebook and a few more facilities to roll out on the networking platform, owing to the acquisition. For all we know, the combination may tempt brands and retailers to take it as an eCommerce portal even more seriously.

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It’ll be good to see the changes that come into effect once Facebook acquires Karma and gets the company completely under its wing.