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New Facebook Stories launched, gets a cartload of ‘likes’

Stories Launched

The folks over at Menlo Park have decided to get a little sentimental and launch Facebook Stories, another way of allowing users to share their world with everyone else. The reason why it sounds familiar is because way back in 2010, the company had introduced an app catering to the same purpose.

Now there’s a page as well as a website dedicated to offering people a chance to talk about anything that matters. As far as the reaction to this development is concerned, the audience’s comments are mostly positive. The cover photo of the page in question marks the first story dubbed Remembering. It traces Mayank Sharma from New Delhi who pieced together his life with help from the People You May Know Facebook feature, after he woke up from meningitis, only to lose his entire memory of the past.

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“Stories is now accepting submissions from people who’ve used Facebook to accomplish something that wouldn’t have been possible before Facebook. We’re looking for extraordinary, touching or surprising stories on any kind of topic—from memory, to love, to childhood. To get an idea of what we’re after, take a look at our past Stories. If your story is chosen, it will appear in our next installment,” says the newly launched website.

Sharing On Facebook

Those who wish to share their memorable moments can do so by visiting facebookstories.com. The tab to submit a story will ask users to sign into their account and choose the sharing options they prefer, and even request for a couple of other relevant permissions. Once the content is submitted, members will just have to cross their fingers and wait for their tidbit to be featured, or not.

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At the time of writing this post, the Facebook Stories page had 12,018 ‘likes.’