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Facebook Sports Stadium lets you chat about games live

Facebook Sports Stadium

Facebook is trying to make a move into the world of sports by introducing a new hub dedicated to social media-inclined fans who want to stay updated on a match as it is being played. Dubbed Sports Stadium, the company has only made it available to iPhone users residing in the US for now.

Facebook claims it has over 650 million sports followers, making the site the world’s biggest arena. To access Sports Stadium, all a user has to do is search for a particular game. Once they locate the page for the match, they’ll find 4 separate tabs with different content within each, all of which are arranged chronologically and in real-time.

The Matchup tag offers up live scores, play-by-play descriptions and videos. Another page collects all the posts made by the consumer’s friends about the competition in one place. The Experts page is meant for commentaries by verified journalists, teams, leagues and players, with easy access to their Facebook pages included.

The fourth tab is filled with comprehensive statistics. Sports Stadium also provides information about the game such as where to watch it. Notably, the initiative does not offer live viewing of the match itself, as it’s meant more as a second-screen hub for discussion rather than a replacement for a TV.

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Facebook is probably attempting to chip into Twitter’s dominance as a place where sports devotees go to voice their thoughts while a fixture is in progress. The sheer number of tweets that fly in during a bout can be daunting and hard to keep a track of, though, so Sports Stadium may appeal to those who want a more detailed experience of what’s going on during a match.

Facebook Sports Stadium is now available for American football games. The site plans to add support for more activities like basketball and soccer soon. It’s also set to expand to more platforms within the next few weeks. You can download the iOS version of the app here.