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Facebook Slideshow transforms your photos and videos into fun montages

Facebook Slideshow

Facebook has a new plan to reverse the trend of users sharing less personal content on the social networking site than they used to. It’s outed a new Slideshow feature which will allow them to post images they’ve clicked in a convenient clip format which shows off all their snaps with a minimal amount of effort.

A Slideshow option isn’t a bad idea, especially since a lot of people don’t have the time or patience to look at every single photo someone has posted. The tool first made its debut in the company’s Moments app. It looks like Facebook decided it was time for the feature to make the leap to the main platform.

Slideshow’s not a unique endeavor by any stretch of the imagination, given the existence of Google Photos’ Movie Assistant and Apple’s new Memories tool in iOS 10. Still, video collages have proven to be popular among Facebook’s users in the past so introducing it full-time may eventually drive up content sharing on the site.

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Activating Slideshow in the app is very simple. If a person shoots more than 5 pictures or videos within a 24 hour period and goes to post a status, Facebook suggests they create a montage of their snaps. If they go for it, the company automatically composes the clip by fusing the content with themed music and transitions.

Consumers have the power to add or get rid of photos. They also get to choose from 10 fun themes namely Playful, Tropical, Bollywood, Nostalgic, Amped, Birthday, Night Out, Thankful, and Epic. As Facebook put it, the tool is supposed to help you stitch together images from events like a family gathering into a format which captures the spirit of the occasion.

Facebook Slideshow will hit iOS users this week before moving on to other platforms.