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Facebook Reactions can be transformed into Donald Trump faces now

Reaction Pack

It’s time for you to react on Facebook with a face of Donald Trump or perhaps Pikachu instead of the standard Reaction emoji. Yes, a newly introduced browser extension has made it possible for users of the social networking website to replace the regular reaction emoji with other faces of their choice.

Since it’s a very basic change, the altered emoji will only appear on your screens, while all others will see your Facebook Reactions the same way they are meant to. That said, it’s indeed not a bad idea to get some comic relief for yourself while browsing the social network.

You can make use of these emoji on both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers by downloading the respective ‘Reaction Packs’ extensions through their storefronts. Once that’s done, all you need to do is select the pack of your choice through this link.

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Our favorite is the one that offers silly Donald Trump faces, but you can even go for one with different Pokémon in it, a Rick & Morty pack or even one that uses Rage Faces. It’s a pretty small change that makes a small difference to your Facebook experience, but you definitely get a chuckle out of it the first few times you see it.

Facebook Reactions were introduced for everyone only recently as a tool for allowing users to express various emotions about posts, instead of just liking them. This feature is something that has stemmed from the immense demand for a ‘dislike’ button on the site.

Chrome users can head to the Web Store for downloading the Reaction Packs extensions, while Firefox users can do that via the official Add-ons store.