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Facebook notifications have a personal touch to them now

Facebook’s notifications tab in its app has been pretty stagnant for a long time now, with a never-ending wheel of non-relevant information getting shoved down our throats on a daily basis. All that is set to change in the tool’s latest update, bringing an entirely new design and feel to the feature.

Facebook notifications will now be grouped in a neat card format. It’s customizable, meaning users get to decide whether they want to be informed about a friend’s birthday or life event. People can also enable timely updates for sports scores and TV reminders, automatically sourced from the pages they’ve liked.

Prompts for future events which folks have agreed to participate in are also present. For those feeling nostalgic, there’s a today in the past option as well. In addition to the above information, members are allowed to add cards for local happenings as long as Location History is enabled in the Facebook app.

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Facebook notifications

They’ll get notifications about the weather, such as its current state and potential to turn adverse, and movies playing in halls near the user. Events in a neighborhood will also be highlighted, along with a list of restaurants close to the individual’s present location and links to the eateries Facebook pages and reviews.

Trending news has been shifted away from search and now finds a home in the notifications tab. There’s also a news shared locally card to showcase popular reports in an area. While these are all sensible additions to the feature, it could very well result in an endless series of red badge alerts.

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Thankfully, Facebook has tried to stop this from happening by letting people choose notification settings for each card. The new update will be rolling out gradually for Android and iOS users in the US.

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