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Facebook News Feed to show lesser spam, Chat removed to promote Messenger on mobile

Facebook has been making various improvements to its website and mobile applications. The latest changes apply to News Feed where the company has promised lesser spam by delivering more relevant stories instead of posts that are fishing for likes. On mobile, however, the company might be making a few wrong moves.

The latest report states that the SNS will soon remove the Chat option from the standalone application and force users to install the Messenger app to message friends on Facebook. This will apply to the Android and iOS platforms, states TechCrunch, and various users across Europe have started seeing notifications about this change. Messenger will become mandatory for communicating with others in a couple of weeks and there doesn’t seem to be a way to opt out.

Facebook Messenger

The report notes that the only way you’ll be able to avoid this is by having a device that’s not supported by Facebook Messenger or using the mobile website and Paper application. Coming back to the News Feed update, the SNS is focusing on removing Like-baiting posts from pages that basically tell readers to share, comment and like.

Facebook News Feed

You’ve surely come across these really annoying posts and probably deal with them throughout the day. Since they create a less enjoyable experience on Facebook and prevent more relevant stories from showing in your News Feed, the SNS will be demoting such content, especially from Pages which are the main sources. Additionally, Facebook will also reduce the visibility of content like images and videos that has been uploaded repeatedly.

The new changes to News Feed are already being implemented and spammers will see their post visibility decrease over the next few months if they continue to share Like-baiting posts.