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Facebook Moments gets better with video sharing ability and more

FB Moments

Facebook Moments, a tremendously useful app for those who go on group outings often, has just been blessed with a major update. Both its Android and iOS versions have received a video sharing feature as well as other important additions.

Facebook Moments will from here on allow you to include videos in your Moments slideshows. This brings it closer in competition with the Google Photos app which can be used for the same purpose as this application.

There are new upload settings introduced into the Facebook Moments app as well. These include an option to wait for Wi-Fi in order to upload photos and videos. apart from more. Viewing the media inside a particular moment is going to be a different experience than before now, as it will be displayed as a collage rather than a simple grid.

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These are all the new features that form part of the fresh version of Facebook Moments, aside from some bug fixes and performance improvements of course. Released back in June last year, this private photo-sharing app from the social network is aimed at better organizing pictures and videos from your outings with friends.

It syncs them in such a way that everyone who is present inside these photos gets identified and notified about the common album. They can then make alterations to the images according to their wishes. This app relies on Facebook’s controversial facial recognition technology for executing its attributes.

The new update which blesses Facebook Moments with all the above mentioned traits is available for download already through the Google Play store as well as the Apple App Store.