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Facebook Messenger’s new Photo Magic feature works with face recognition

The facial recognition feature of Facebook has faced quite some controversy in the past, but the company is ignoring that and pushing the trait into more and more of its services. It has now made its way into Messenger by means of a new Photo Magic offering.

As its name suggests, it magically identifies photos of your friends from your camera roll and suggests that you send those pictures to them immediately. Facebook Messenger is of course able to do this by using its facial recognition algorithms.

This is in fact the first time that the feature has transcended into something that’s not directly related to Facebook. By invading your camera rolls, the company has take a huge step and has even sent a strong message that facial recognition is here to stay.

Facebook Messenger

Photo Magic gets into gear when the updated Messenger app is opened. This utility will scan your smartphone’s camera roll and select photographs that feature you and some of your Facebook friends. It then allows you to send those pictures to your friends with just one tap. Moreover, it even opens a group chat for photos with multiple people in them.

As revealed by The Verge, once the service is setup, each time you click a photo with your friends, an option to directly send it to them on Messenger will appear. This feature is of course optional and can be turned off by entering the app’s Settings menu.

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Facebook Messenger’s Photo Magic functionality has only been launched in Australia in the form of a beta test for now. It will be rolled out in other territories for the Android and iOS versions of the app in the coming months.