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Facebook Messenger takes the Windows Phone leap finally, available for download now

At the MWC, we learnt that Facebook Messenger as well as BBM are soon to be made available for Windows Phone devices, and one of them is already here. The social media giant’s very own IM service can be snapped up now to gain the benefits of its unique features.

The recently-redesigned Facebook Messenger is also available for Android and iOS, and with its arrival now on Microsoft’s mobile platform, BlackBerry 10 OS is the only major player that has been left out. Since this is its debut on the Windows Phone platform, not all the main features which its other versions poses form part of it.

Here are some of them which do though. Stickers have now become one of the main selling points of the Facebook Messenger app, and the developers have made sure that users are able to access them through their WP handsets. Private messages as well as group chats can be had with all of your Facebook friends.

This app lets you share your locations with people you know, whereas is also lets you know when they read your last messages. While displaying your friends-list, it puts little blue icons on photographs to indicate who’s using Facebook Messenger and who’s active on the site. Turning off notifications is also an option that has been crammed into this version of the app.

Facebook Messenger is now live on the Windows Phone Store, and it’s of course free to download.