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Facebook Messenger goes festive with Photo Magic, snow effects

Facebook is trying to bring in some festive cheer to its Messenger app by releasing a string of holiday-themed features. It’s already begun rolling out the new tools to Android and iOS users everywhere.

First up is a new image-sharing piece of Facebook wizardry dubbed Photo Magic. The social networking website uses its considerable facial recognition powers to instantly recognize the people in a picture and asks the user if they want to send it to them right after it’s been clicked. If sent, it instantly creates a group thread within Messenger.

Photo Magic could especially come in useful for people who constantly forget to send snaps to family and friends. The feature can be activated by heading over to Settings and allowing Messenger access to pictures stored in the phone. Individuals can further choose whether their name pops up when other users are utilizing the tool.

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Facebook Messenger Photo Magic

Facebook has also blessed Messenger with more customization options. People can now choose to change the color within a conversation, perhaps switching to a more Christmassy red. They may even alter the default emoji response from a thumbs up to something like a party hat and pick a nickname for their contact instead of the standard first and last name convention.

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Sending someone a Christmas tree, Santa or snow-related sticker or emoji now triggers a wave of snowflakes to gently drift across the chat window. In good news for people who loved Facebook’s snow globe chat head effect last year, the company has decided to bring it back for Android users. The tool will display snow right now and switch to 2016-themed confetti later on.

You can download the latest version of Facebook Messenger via the Google Play Store or iTunes.

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