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Facebook Messenger for Android in UK covertly gets VoIP calling

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The Facebook Messenger app for Android in the UK has quietly received VoIP capabilities, in what might be a continuation of the rollout of the Internet calling functionality the SNS had initially introduced in January this year. iOS users in Canada and the US were the first to get the feature, and earlier in the month, those on the Google platform residing in the Great White North were also allowed access to it.

Android uses in the UK are apparently getting an updated version of Facebook Messenger which allows calls to be made over the Internet using VoIP, The Next Web is reporting. This bit of news comes just days after an iOS update added basically the same functionality for iPhone owners in the country.

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How to use it: The app is separate from the main social network hub and those who have the messaging application installed will start to see a new option beside the photo and camera buttons. To call a contact for free, users will have to select the person they want to chat with, and tap the ‘i’ button on that person’s profile. A new screen will appear on which a call option will present itself.

It should be noted however, that the voice call will be made through Wi-Fi or the user’s data connection, and that people will only be able to place calls to those who have the app installed themselves. And since the app no longer needs to connect to the Google Play store to receive updates, the change hasn’t been reflected on the online marketplace, making the update even stealthier.

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The SNS has been in the limelight quite a bit in recent times, and not all of it portrayed the company in good light. But most of it has. For example, the social networking giant added the ability to reply to individual comments on its website. Prior to that, we saw a redesigned timeline with more emphasis on user content and apps, and there was also an aesthetically modified News Feed which brought along larger photos and four separated streams.

It seems all UK users may not have received the Facebook Messenger voice calling functionality yet, but it appears to be roiling out and is expected to reach more people in time.

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