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Facebook Messenger finally lands on the Apple Watch

Facebook Messenger has been prepping up for an Apple Watch release since far too long, and it’s finally time for owners of the device to download it. It can be grabbed via the App Store right now to use most of the app’s important features on your wrists.

Version 38.0 of the Facebook Messenger app for iOS allows it to work with watchOS 2 in order to send and receive voice clips, Likes, stickers and more. Since regular messages are difficult to type on the tiny screens of the Apple Watch devices, they cannot be taken advantage of via the new app.

With this fresh version of Facebook Messenger, its makers have also given it some important traits for its iOS 9 edition. These include the ability to find Messenger contacts and conversations from your phone’s search screen and the facility to access the app through the list of multi-tasking utilities on the newer iPads.

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Facebook Messenger has a huge presence in some markets from around the world, especially in the US. It’s not only known for its regular features, but it also allows users to send and receive VoIP calls as well as video calls.

Its release for the Apple Watch was preceded by the launch of BlackBerry’s BBM app for the said platform. This particular app works pretty similarly to how Facebook’s utility goes about its duty. There is still no word on when another popular player, WhatsApp will be made available for Apple’s wearable device.

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Like we said, the Apple Watch version of Facebook Messenger can be downloaded now through the App Store in the form of an iPhone app.

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