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Facebook Mentions for iOS only accepts you if you’re famous

Facebook Mentions is a new iOS app aimed only towards famous personalities who find it a task to handle their accounts through the usual application. Jumping into hot conversations between themselves, viewing shout-outs from other celebrities and interacting with fans are some of the actions which adopters of this app can perform right now.

It basically creates an exclusive version of Facebook where only the famous can mingle. How does one get an entry into this community, you ask? You need to be public figure with a verified page for that to happen. And if you are a verified user without a verified page, you won’t be getting access to it.

Facebook Mentions

Pages of brands and media have been left out of the purview as well, however, Facebook has said that Mentions will be made available to them in the future. Also, this app can be used only by those in the US at the moment, with a rollout in other countries planned for the coming months.

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Facebook recently also launched another interesting app called Slingshot which is its own take on the Snapchat concept. Available for Android as well as iOS devices, this utility allows you to quickly send self-destructing photos and videos to your friends, with them having to send something back to you if they wish to see your sent media.

With Facebook Mentions, the company is targeting a very small audience as compared to its other apps. Visit this site if you wish to know more about it. It is available only for iOS devices and there seem to be no plans of porting it to Android.