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Facebook Mentions: No iPhone? No problem

Facebook Mentions

It’s true that a lot of celebrities prefer using Apple’s iPhone, and hence Facebook Mentions has only been available on iOS ever since it was first launched back in July 2014. But its makers have finally gone on to introduce an Android version of the app now.

Available for download through the Google Play store, Facebook Mentions only works with verified accounts; so it’s not for everyone. It has been aimed at public figures like actors, musicians, journalists and other influencers who can use it to stay in touch with their followers.

One of the top features of Mentions is called Live, and was rolled out only last year. It enables users to create a live video broadcast for their followers to watch. They can use it for making announcements, giving short tours of their surroundings, answering questions from fans and much more.

Facebook has even optimized the app to show a summary of what people are saying about the user. And of course, those using Mentions can employ it to share the usual updates, photos, videos and more with their followers. Tying their Instagram and Twitter accounts with the app allows them to instantly share their updates on those two platforms as well.

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Like we said, Facebook Mentions was only available on iOS till now and the developers have brought the same interface over to Android. The size of the app is a heavy 87MB. But that’s understandable given that it houses the Live broadcasting ability.

If you have a verified account or page, you can start using Facebook Mentions by downloading it through the Google Play store.