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Facebook Mentions and Live open their gates for all verified users

Facebook Mentions, the VIP version of the social network that helps famous personalities better connect with their fans, has just been made simpler to access. Earlier, only those with both verified accounts and Pages were able to access this iOS app, but now, even those with just verified profiles will be able to use it.

One of the prime features of Facebook Mentions happens to be Live. This service allows users to create live-streams which can be watched by all of those who are following them. Launched only recently, this feature too can now be accessed by those with verified accounts.

This move of opening up access to Facebook Mentions and its Live feature by the social networking giant will definitely be accepted with open hands by those who wish to easily connect with their followers. However, getting the verified badge still requires that you have substantial influence as a celebrity or a public figure.

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Facebook Mentions

Facebook Mentions was first introduced back in July last year as an iOS app, and it still hasn’t been turned into an Android utility. It allows users to easily see what people are talking about them, and even enables them to share their own posts with their fans easily.

It was recently blessed with the much talked-about Live feature. With this trait, Mentions users are able to start live-streams that can be viewed instantly by fans in their New Feeds. Moreover, they are made available as normal videos to all those who missed them.

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Facebook Mentions can be downloaded now on iOS devices through the Apple App Store. But it can of course, only be used by all those who have verified accounts.

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