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Facebook Live broadcasts make their way to Android finally

FB Live

If you’re unaware of it, Facebook Live is a feature that lets you broadcast live videos from your smartphones, and this trait has just been launched for Android devices. It was initially available only for celebrities and verified pages using iPhones, but had later made its way to all iPhone users as well.

And now, it’s finally time for Android users to dabble themselves in the live broadcasting feature. There’s a catch here though, as Facebook Live is only being released for Android users residing in the US as of now. The social network has however made it clear that more countries will indeed be added to the availability list soon.

It should be noted that the Facebook Live will be rolled out gradually for Android users in the US over the next few weeks; so don’t be surprised if you haven’t received it yet. In order to start a live video broadcast, all you need to do is tap in the ‘What’s On Your Mind?’ section in the official app and choose the Live Video icon.

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Once that’s done, you can choose whom you wish to show the video to and write a short description of it. While the broadcast is on, you’ll easily be able to see which of your friends are watching it, and even post real-time comments and replies.

While the ability to use Facebook Live on Android is limited to the US at the moment, normal users on iOS can do so in more than thirty countries. We’re guessing same will also be the case for Android users in the coming months; so stay tuned if you’re not currently residing in the United States.