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Facebook debuts new Stickered for Messenger app to spruce up your selfies

For a large number of people stickers on Facebook are an eyesore, but for another category of folks, they’re a very fun way to express themselves which is why they’ll love the new Stickered for Messenger app. The main aim of this utility is to let you creatively add add stickers to your photographs before posting them in your messages.

Available for Android at the moment and expected to arrive for iOS soon, Stickered for Messenger has been described as a lightweight app which has been crafted by the Creative Labs team. Once you’ve clicked your images, you can add, move and resize lots of stickers and even text on them.

Stickered for Messenger

When the photograph is ready, you’ll be allowed to either save it to your devices or send it across to your friends. For doing this however, you’ll need to have Facebook Messenger installed on your phones. Perhaps this is one more ploy from the social network to get more people to download its chat service.

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The company has even announced new features that will be making their way into the Messenger app during this holiday season. A festive frame will be provided by the application for your selfies, while chat heads will soon start looking like snow globes. Moreover, holiday inspired sticker packs will also be rolled out by the developers soon.

Stickered for Messenger Screens

Like we said, the Stickered for Messenger app is only available for download on Android at the moment, through the Google Play store. Facebook has announced that it will be bringing it to iOS soon, but has stopped short of revealing a proper release date for it.