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Facebook launches Featured Events hand-picked by real people

Facebook Featured Events

Facebook’s Events tool is pretty popular among its members, with people using it to spread the word about a party and businesses using it to organize events. The site has now decided to expand upon the offering by introducing a new Featured Events section.

Featured Events is curated by a dedicated Facebook team who are supposed to seek out fun local things happening in a specific city. It’s currently available for iPhone users in 10 US metros namely New York City, Seattle, Boston, Houston, Dallas, Chicago, Washington, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Miami.

The events featured in the list could be anything related to art, festivals, food and drink, fitness, entertainment, family, sports events, community, learning, and music. The aim of the team is to find occasions which could appeal to a wide audience.

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If you’re worried about Facebook gatecrashing your small family gathering, fear not, since the site has promised to only highlight public events hosted by a page. The social media giant promises to avoid events which focus on worship or politics, channeling its efforts into discovering more entertaining gatherings.

Facebook is also promising to consider factors like location and capacity when choosing an event in order to make sure a small venue isn’t flooded with far more people than it can handle. The brand further says it won’t take into consideration factors like whether or not a particular event host has bought ads for the get together on the site.

There’s no way to submit your event to get a spot on Facebook’s Featured Events list. The new tool adds a personal touch to the normally algorithm-dominated set of options which the site offers when it comes to suggesting things for you.