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Dedicated Facebook Messenger website launched for conversations only

If you use Facebook only for chatting with friends on your web browser, the SNS has launched a dedicated Messenger website for solely this purpose. The web tool is a standalone release which can be accessed from your PC’s browser without the need of opening the main social network website.

The main reason behind the new Messenger web app is to help users focus on conversations only. On Facebook, there are many ways for you to get distracted as your News Feed is constantly updating and you’ll also be able to see what friends are up to. The standalone tool eliminates these interruptions, but it will let you navigate away to a user’s profile.

Facebook Messenger Web App

Facebook’s web tool has a lot of capabilities apart from just basic messaging, but it still lacks some much needed features. You can share links with friends and even start a voice or video call with them, but you cannot share media files like images and videos, which is disappointing. Seeing as the service is new, these capabilities could arrive in the near future.

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The SNS’s new direction with Messenger looks as if it wants to separate it from the core social network, but that isn’t likely to be the case. It was just last month Facebook revealed its intentions of turning the Messenger app into a platform in itself as developers can now create applications specifically for the service. You can read more about it here.

The Facebook Messenger web application can be accessed through this link and while it’s available to everyone in English only, more languages will be supported in the near future.