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Facebook is the real culprit behind your iPhone’s battery drain, say experts

If you’ve noticed that your iPhone has started draining battery faster than before chances are high that the Facebook app is responsible for this. Several different explanations exist regarding how this is happening, but no one has been able to narrow down on one exact point.

Facebook has responded to this already by saying that it’s aware of the battery drain issue on iOS devices, and is working on a fix right now. However, the social network’s representative too did not mention the exact issue that is causing the battery drain.

It has been observed that Facebook is the biggest reason for battery drain on devices that have the app installed. Calling the app’s battery use ‘ridiculous,’ Matt Galligan the co-founder of Circa has said that it was responsible for 15 percent of all his battery drain over seven days. That’s a lot considering there are so many apps present in a usual iPhone.


He has argued that the app is failing to go into sleep mode when the home button is pressed. Despite having background app refreshed disabled, he has observed ‘extraneous background usage,’ which is resulting in Facebook being active for twice as long as his actual usage.

MacStories’ Federico Viticci has another theory that’s worth considering. Since the advent of auto-playing videos, the Facebook app has apparently started taking over the audio sessions on iOS by keeping silent audio in the background whenever a video plays in the app. This is what is consuming most of the battery life according to him.

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However, Romain Dillet from Tech Crunch tried to test whether this is true, and has found out that his iPhone extracted similar amounts of battery life with autoplay videos switched on or off. It’s hence hard to tell what exactly is leading to the battery drain issues caused by the Facebook app, but it’s good to hear that its makers will be releasing a fix soon.