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Facebook Instant Articles to be open to all publishers

Facebook Instant Articles

Facebook’s Instant Articles platform made its debut about a year ago and has since gone on to partner with hundreds of publications all over the world. The social media behemoth is now throwing open its doors to any publisher interested in joining the service.

Instant Articles basically allows pages to load faster within the Facebook app. It benefits publishers as readers are more likely to read the article since they won’t have to wait for a separate window to start up. The latter scores as well since users will stay within the walls of the application for a longer period of time.

Facebook had initially joined hands with sites like BBC News, BuzzFeed, National Geographic, The Guardian and NBC for Instant Articles. The new move towards opening up the platform will take place during the company’s F8 conference on April 12. In a statement, the brand says publishers will have full control over its content and ads.

According to the rules, firms can utilize its own ads and take away 100% of the revenue. It can further track the ads through its current ad measurement systems. Facebook also offers the option of monetizing the article via the Facebook Audience Network, though companies will then have to give away 30% of the revenue to the site.

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However, Facebook does limit the number of ads a brand can fit in an article. Each has to be separated by at least 350 words or must not exceed 15% of the content if it’s primarily media-based. While this benefits the reader and generates pages quicker, it reduces the publisher’s monetization options.

By opening up Instant Articles, publications of all shapes and sizes will now be faced with the pressure of joining the platform or losing out to a faster loading competitor.