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Facebook to reveal ‘Home on Android,’ a modified version of OS: Report


Facebook will possibly reveal a modified version of the Google mobile OS and it is being widely dubbed ‘Home on Android.’ The social network sent out invites to an event to be held on April 4, 2013, and since then speculation has picked up pace about a dedicated phone from the SNS, something that had been furiously rumored a while ago.

The rumor latched onto HTC, and at the beginning of the month it was considered that the Taiwanese OEM was the manufacturer of choice. And when the specs of a phone called the Myst were leaked, it was thought to be the elusive device which had seen more talk than anything else for quite some time.

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Sources have revealed a little bit of information to TechCrunch on what to expect at the event. And according to this, the project is reportedly codenamed Facebook Home and will see a modified version of the mobile OS. The sources also say that this won’t be a completely redone version of Android, but instead just a ‘flavor’ of the platform tweaked for a deeper level of social integration.

The talk is that the project could lead to a platform that has a home screen appropriately modified with all the functionality that people might need in order to keep up to date on the social networking website. But considering that we’ve seen the service proliferate into so many new things such as Graph Search, it’s hard to say what is to come at said event early next month.

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It should be noted that there have been phones that have included a dedicated Facebook button, allowing users to get to the social network in an instant, such as one of Nokia’s latest QWERTY handsets, the Asha 205. Another such phone with a dedicated button is the HTC ChaCha, also known as the Status. And it seems the rumor has taken a liking to the Taiwanese manufacturer, freshly linking it once again with the software giant.

To see what Facebook has in store for the world, we’ll just have to wait a few days. As it stands, the company should reveal more on its cryptic ‘Home on Android’ invites soon enough.

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