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Facebook Graph Search takes status updates, posts under its wing

The Facebook Graph Search seems to have hit it off well with the social butterflies as Zuckerberg and company have decided to invite posts and status updates to the party as well. So now when you look for something or enter a query in the dedicated bar, you will not be greeted with only people, photos, places or interests, relevant status messages and other shared posts will also pop up as results.

Photo captions, comments and check-ins will find their way into the Graph Search results as well, if you enter the relevant phrases or terms. And it goes without saying that only posts that have been shared with you will come up for your search. So if you enter ‘posts written at The White House’ as your query, you will find the applicable updates.

Facebook Graph Search

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Subscribers can now search for posts that they have commented on or simply type ‘posts by my friends from last month’ and you will definitely find what you are looking for. Updates and pictures that have been shared publicly or specifically with you are the only ones that appear in Graph Search.

As it highly depends on what a member’s friends have shared on Facebook, the results for two different people for the same query may differ to a great extent. And in case you do not want your updates to show up on an unknown person’s Graph Search, you have the option of changing your privacy settings and use Activity Log to review your content.

As of now, the new Graph Search feature will only be rolled out to a few people who are already using it. Facebook will gather feedback from subscribers for improving its product and will announce the global roll out at a later date.

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