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Facebook Gifts introduced in the US

Facebook Gifts

A popular social networking website has added another feather to its hat with the introduction of Facebook Gifts. So now we know the reason why this SNS had decided to acquire Karma, a service that enables people to send gifts via SMS, email or Facebook.

While the social network already allows its members to send virtual gifts to their friends, it has now broadened its horizons to accommodate the real ones as well. But, this is not the first time when the company has forayed into the gift territory as until a couple of years ago, it allowed users to buy something for their friends and family using Facebook credits.

According to the developers of this website, millions of subscribers wish their friends through Facebook on a daily basis. And this latest feature will only give them another way of celebrating their special moments by sending actual presents through their timelines or from birthday reminders itself.


The procedure is pretty simple and doesn’t involve any physical activity, whatsoever. Those who wish to send gifts are only required to pick one online, select a payment method and post it on their friends’ walls or send it privately. Their friends can then unwrap it virtually and enter their shipping details to have the present delivered at their doorsteps.

Members can choose from Magnolia Bakery’s cupcakes, Gund’s stuffed animals, Starbucks’ digital cards or others. Additionally, the receiver has the option to swap it for something of equal value, or go for a color, size or flavor of their choice.

Facebook Gifts have now gone live in the US.