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Facebook friend requests: How to check who’s ignoring you and plan your revenge


If you’re not sure to whom you’ve sent friend requests on Facebook, there’s a simple way to check it. Or you could decide to just not care about who wants to be your pal on social media. No? Well, when you sign into the social network through a desktop PC, make for the Friend Requests icon on the top right hand side (the silhouettes of a girl and a guy) and click on it.

A drop down menu will appear with friend requests you’ve received (if any) at the top and ‘People you may know,’ according to Facebook. There’s an option to see all at the bottom of the list. Tap on that. It will take you to a new page, with ‘Respond to Your Friend Request’ or ‘No New Friend Requests’ right at the top. Just below this, you’ll see a link to ‘View Sent Requests.’

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When logged in from a mobile device, check your rejected friend requests by hitting the ‘Outgoing’ tab. Lo and behold, your list of enemies who’ve been ignoring the hand of friendship that you’ve extended to them. Now to create a plan to get back at all those who’ve been ignoring you on Facebook. You have to be quiet and cunning in this part of the operation.


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How to plan your revenge:

Just kidding. You shouldn’t be brooding over rejected friend requests, you sad old thing. Maybe the person you sent a request to rarely uses Facebook. Maybe they get so many friend requests, they just ignore the whole lot of them. Or maybe they genuinely don’t feel the need to connect to stalkers (not you, promise) and randos on Facebook. Get a life.

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