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Facebook extremely serious about shoving auto-play ads in our faces [Video]

Not everyone likes auto-play video ads. In fact, not anyone likes auto-play videos ads. Let’s correct that, no one likes auto-play ads as much as advertisers think they do. And like it or not, Facebook will soon try to trick you into falling for them.

And it will start doing so by rolling in its Trojan Horse, videos through News Feed. Clips of puppies, little kids, UFO sightings and what not that people in your Friends list share will start playing automatically with Facebook’s ‘easier way to watch video.’

We’re not cribbing about the social network attempting to make money off its popularity. But auto-play ads are literally one of the worst forms of promotions, according to us. Know how annoying it is to have a fly buzzing around your head? It’s the same feeling we get when our eyes distractedly wander towards the corner of a web page hosting clips that come alive without our consent.

The SNS is all set to introduce the feature to mobile over the next few weeks. Its only saving grace is the fact that you won’t be able to hear the audio until you click on the video. When this is done, the reel expands and pops out the way photos do on Facebook. Initially, content shared via individual accounts or verified Pages will start auto-playing.

Facebook Auto-Play Videos

It’s clear that the company won’t attempt to pitch this idea to advertisers until it can gauge how well (or badly) audiences react to the proposal. Facebook may sound all cool and unhurried about the whole thing. But it’s difficult to picture Zuckberg singing ‘It’s not about the money, money, money,’ in Jessie J hot pants.