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Facebook employees are dumping their iPhones in favor of Android handsets

The general mood of employees working for Facebook is more Android these days, than iPhone. A large chunk of the staff is switching over to phones bearing Google’s OS rather than using Apple offerings which are quite the rage in the United States.

This move can be called a forced one, but it’s not due to some partnership which Facebook has signed with Google. It is actually the result of a diktat issued by the firm’s chief product officer Chris Cox.

According to Wired, he has mentioned that his entire team has been mandated to use Android devices, because if the decision is left up to them, they’d much rather prefer using the iPhone. But what is the exact reason for issuing this decree?

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It’s the same factor that compelled Facebook to introduce its 2G Tuesdays scheme recently – people from developing countries. To explain, an extremely large portion of the of the social network’s total user base is from emerging markets, where Android handsets are more popular than iPhones due to their affordable nature.

Facebook has been relentless in pursuing this particular user base, and why shouldn’t it be? If it wishes to expand its reach globally, targeting the markets which have just started getting into the smartphone boom is its best bet at successfully doing that.

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The above mentioned 2G Tuesdays program is another such example of its keen interest in developing nations. Under it, employees will be granted the experience of using Facebook on 2G speeds for one hour every Tuesday in order to let them better tailor the app for emerging nations where Internet is generally pretty slow.