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Facebook Embedded Posts announced

Facebook Embedded Posts is a new feature announced by the SNS which does exactly what the name suggests – It allows users to place a post, image or other content on any website. This feature is being offered through a social plug-in and is currently being rolled out to a handful of publishers. This recent introduction from Facebook brings it on level with various other social networks like Twitter and Instagram that have been offering the capability from a long time now.

With Facebook Embedded Posts, journalists and even normal users will be able to make their content visible to everyone by placing it on their websites and blogs. They are currently permitted to share pictures, videos, hashtags and a lot more. Moreover, viewers can directly interact with the posts without the need of being redirected to the original. When logged in, they will be able like and share content. Also, hashtags are made clickable, allowing others to discover similar topics on the SNS. Certain posts can be expanded through the See More link and people can subscribe to publishers via the Follow button.

Facebook Embedded Posts

Facebook Embedded Posts can be conveniently added to any website or blog. The procedure is pretty simple – First and foremost, the post needs to be public. From the drop-down menu, the Facebook Embedded Posts option can be accessed and a code will be provided in a popup dialog box which needs to be inserted into the desired website.

As noted earlier, Embedded Posts has started rolling out. But it’s currently available to select media publishers such as Bleacher Report, CNN, Huffington Post, Mashable and PEOPLE. Needless to say, the company has promised broader availability over time, but we’re guessing that the wait might be a little longer than anticipated.