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Facebook dumps Notify, no one notices

Facebook Notify

Facebook’s little-known Notify app which allowed folks to get alerts from publishers of their choosing, has been canned. This product which serves personalized push notifications to users, does not seem to have gained much interest. Apparently, it had only about 63000 downloads and considering the average percentage of consumer retention for mobile apps, it’s possible few will miss it.

It looks like Facebook will finally be doing what it may have set out to do with Notify in the first place – bringing it into the social networking app after testing it on a small number of consenting users. Who wants to download a standalone application for push notifications after all?

If not the Facebook app, Messenger at least could benefit from the Notify experiment, hints TechCrunch. In early April, the company confirmed bots on Messenger was real, and businesses are supposedly going crazy for it. The idea is to get into a conversation with customers over the messaging platform in natural language.

Bots for Messenger will enable companies to provide customer care service with a personalized touch or drive sales from right within the app (refer to image posted below). If publishers want to reach readers directly through Messenger, bots that speak ‘human’ may be easier to swallow than push notifications.

Facebook Bots For Messenger

So basically, Notify is an application Facebook really does not need as a standalone tool anymore. But it can at least come away with the lessons learned on how much control users would like over the content they consume and how they wish to do this.

Full statement from Facebook:

“Starting on Wednesday, we will begin integrating Notify functionality into other Facebook products, like Messenger, and will be removing Notify from the App Store. Since launching Notify, we’ve learned a lot about how to make notifications as timely and relevant as possible and we heard from people using the app that Notify helped them stay informed about things they cared about throughout the day.

With more than 900 million people using Messenger each month, we think there is a great opportunity for publishers to reach even more people interested in real-time updates from their favorite sources.”