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Facebook developing standalone camera app to rival Snapchat


Facebook has gotten burned over and over again when it comes to camera apps, but it looks like the social media giant is not ready to give up on its dream of creating a popular one just yet. A new rumor hints that the company is in the process of developing another photography-centric application which will compete with the likes of Snapchat.

If that sounds familiar, it’s because Facebook has tried to create a Snapchat clone in the past with the now-defunct Slingshot. Prior to that, it had released a standalone tool simply dubbed Camera. Its mission with the new as-yet-unnamed camera app is to encourage its 1.6 billion users to share and create more photos and videos.

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Original content creation has become a thorny issue for Facebook since the rate at which its members have been uploading snaps has been on the decline. A survey by The Information even found that such activity had dropped down by 21% in 2015 compared to the previous year. People are apparently regularly checking in on the site but fewer are actually sharing stuff.

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Facebook is denying this of course, asserting that the overall level of sharing was strong and similar to previous years. The company did not offer any statement on the new camera app. Insider sources have told the Wall Street Journal that a prototype of the application is being worked on by the firm’s friend-sharing team.

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The application opens to a camera, akin to Snapchat, and also allows users to live stream videos through the app. Facebook has been heavily focused on videos of late, pushing live videos to the center of its main app and developing its Facebook 360 platform. However, the new tool is still in its early stages and may never see the light of day.