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Facebook averaged over 1 billion daily users during September

Facebook has achieved a landmark milestone by averaging at around 1.01 billion daily active users during the month of September. Another fact is that 1.55 billion active users are visiting the platform every month on an average. That’s a tremendous feat to achieve, given that it was only in August that the social network saw 1 billion people visit its website on one single day for the first time.

What happened on one single day turned out to be an average within a span of just one month. This explains the meteoric rise that Facebook has been experiencing lately. There are no numbers to support this, but a lot of its recent traffic is coming from developing nations.

The company is investing a lot of its attention in these territories in order to establish itself as an influential social platform in these areas. It was only recently that it introduced a 2G Tuesdays program at its headquarters, under which employees will be provided with extremely slow Internet speeds once a week in order to let them experience what it is like to use Facebook in emerging nations.


The social network hasn’t stopped at just that. It has now asked its employees to ditch their iPhones in favor of Android devices since a majority of the population from its key markets uses phones running on Google’s platform rather than Apple’s.

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If you’re interested in some more number crunching, you should note that Facebook gets an incredible eight billion video views every. As for its other services, 80 million photos a day are uploaded every on Instagram and over 9.5 billion pictures are sent a month on Messenger.