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The 7 Best Facebook Apps For iPad

Best Facebook iPad Apps

Since the official Facebook for iPad app made a late appearance, it seemed wise that we jot down these 7 best Facebook apps for iPad in order to show you what enterprising developers have been doing in the meantime. If you’ve ever noticed, the App Store is already stormed with a wide catalog of applications for Facebook. But most of them are only compatible with the tablet and not optimized for it. So, what’s the point in downloading something that can’t take full advantage of the iPad’s large display? If you ask us, it’s surely something we’d avoid doing and that’s mainly why we’ve listed out these tablet-friendly Facebook apps.

1. Plus –

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If you’re on the lookout for a full Facebook experience, the Plus for Facebook application is most likely to deliver. Through its full-screen browser, the application supports in-chat emotions and multiple account support, so that it’s now more convenient to switch between profiles. Additionally, you can check into places from your iPad, view where friends have checked in, browse through events or RVSP to an invitation or even peruse notes. It also sports a full-screen photo browser and customizable chat bubbles for a personalized experience. The Plus for Facebook price amounts to $0.99 on iTunes.

2. Friended –

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Embedding almost all of Facebook features within its UI, the Friended for Facebook application sets in a somewhat similar design to the desktop website. Since its interface creates a convenient way for navigation, the app has managed to save itself a spot amongst our list of the Facebook apps for iPad. Function-wise, you can access your gallery to view or tag photos, comment on posts, view new feeds, chat with friends, RSVP to events and even check your notifications. The Friended for Facebook price tag reads at $0.99 on the App Store.

3. Facely HD

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Facely HD

Being highly customizable, the Facely HD app comes with various themed color options that can be laid onto the interface based on your preference. It’s also customized for high definition screens so as to provide a better experience.

Hosting a similar UI when compared to the mobile version of the social networking site, the application brings in a few added features that the company might have left out on its official app. Besides these, there are the usual operations such as the ability to tag friends in a status, upload photos as well as videos, view upcoming birthdays, share albums, poke users and the pull-to-refresh feature.

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4. MyPad+

MyPad Plus

The next addition to our Facebook apps for iPad roster is something for those users who tend to maintain two or more accounts in order to juggle between work life and friends. In such cases, the multiple account support included within the MyPad+ application could be of some help. With the application, you can interact with Facebook while you view slideshows from the photo gallery, chat with friends, see your Twitter Timeline via the plus button or jump to the inbox, notifications, groups, profiles and many more through the Quick Links option. If you’re ever bored, you can play games like Poker, Tiny Zoo, Mob Empires and others with friends or even listen to free music straight from within the app. It also holds swipe-based navigation capabilities.

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5. Pica


Providing a convenient way of always staying connected, the Pica for Facebook app comes bearing a number of useful features. Through its intuitive interface, the application allows you to maintain multiple accounts, read posts, comment on and ‘like’ feeds or quickly update your status. With its in-app chat, communicating with friends is even easier. It also sports a full-screen photo viewer and supports image tagging. The Pica for Facebook price reads at $0.99 on iTunes.

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6. HootSuite


You may be wondering why we’ve added HootSuite for Twitter onto our list of the Facebook apps for iPad. Well, if you aren’t aware, the application comes with Facebook and Foursquare integration as well. With it, you can comment on posts from your Facebook News Feeds, update fan pages or profiles, translate messages and forward them via mail. Besides these, the app allows you to manage your Twitter accounts, check-in and share your location with Foursquare and reply to all recipients in a single shot.

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7. Facebook


Yes, it’s the official Facebook application for the iPad. With it, you can view high-resolution images through a convenient flip through the photo album, navigate to various menus through gesture swipes and play your favorite games from practically anywhere. Additionally, it wraps in other basic functions such as update statuses, send or receive messages or check-up what friends are doing through the map.

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Now that we’ve laid down the best Facebook apps for iPad, all you need to do is simply make a choice. And if you’re wondering why the official Facebook application is last on our list, then you should give it, or maybe all of them a try and find out for yourself. So, do let us know which of the aforementioned apps earned a spot on your tablet.