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7 Best Facebook Apps for Android


Here’s a wide catalog of the best Facebook apps for Android that we’ve prepared for you today. The official application provided by the social networking giant is quite a comprehensive one, but a number of users seem to be complaining about the amount of phone storage it eats up, and its inability to be transferred to the SD card. This heavy software can be replaced by various tools that are available right now through the Google Play Store. While some of them offer the no nonsense FB experience, a few others even go a step further to deliver offerings based on specific features of the website. Here are the best ones that we’ve decided to infuse into the list.

1 – TweetDeck


The name of this app might give it away as something meant only for Twitter, but that’s not the case even though it has been developed by the folks over at the micro-blogging site. It is a hub on your smartphone which grants you seamless and integrated access to four different social websites – Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and Buzz. You can add all four accounts to the application, and explore them using its simplified updates feed. Touching each update will grant you the options of how you can interact with it. Liking, commenting, sharing, adding photographs and locations, all this can be done using TweetDeck which is available for free.

2 – Tinfoil for Facebook


The next entry in our catalog is called Tinfoil for the reason that it prevents the passage of browsing data to the social networking website. Okay, let us explain it in detail. First of all, it is specifically meant for those who use FB via the browsers on their smartphones. In such a situation, if you are logged into your account and surf the Internet for any other stuff, and enter other websites, FB somehow tracks it and sends over the information to its official servers. To avoid this from happening, you can install Tinfoil on your Android devices, as it grants you a sandbox for the mobile site, so that you can protect your privacy.

3 – Go! Chat for Facebook

Go! Chat

This app is the cool way to chat with your friends through your FB accounts. Apart from a wonderful interface, it also offers smileys, groups and notifications. Long-pressing the name of any of your friends opens up a menu which allows you to view their profiles, add them as favorites, change their aliases and even ignore or mute them. But its most important feature is the liberty which enables you to seamlessly send photographs and videos through the chat window itself. Moreover, there’s even an option to list and search all your contacts even when they’re offline. This software allows you to place a homescreen widget for direct updates without the need to open the application all the time.

4 – HootSuite


The next pick for our roster is called HootSuite. Like TweetDeck, this one too is the spot for you to log into multiple social profiles. HootSuite offers support for Twitter, LinkedIn and Foursquare, apart from FB of course. Available for free right now, it lets you access multiple accounts on each website. If you wish to view and interact with all these sites in the most simplified manner, this app is probably the best bet for you. It allows you to browse your live feed as well as add comments, like and share it. Moreover, you can even upload photos through it.

5 – Friendcaster for Facebook


OneLouder Apps is the developer that has given us one of the most concise Twitter apps around – TweetCaster. The same maker has brought us Friendcaster which just drips with amazing offerings. Already more than 3,000,000 downloads old, the software grants you all the sought after FB features while also delivering few of its own unique ones like its 5 distinct themes, a checking map and more. And all that with an interface which is a treat to gaze at. If you’re a heavy FB user, you just need to download this tool right away, without any more thinking.

6 – Seesmic


Seesmic has made it to this list based solely on the amazing features it has on offer. It kicks in support for Twitter as well as FB, and lets you post updates on both accounts at once. It even offers a homescreen widget, and many other features that make your social media accounts a breeze to handle. You can download a free ad-supported version right now, and if it turns out that you like the application, you can even go for a Pro version which sells at a price of $2.99.

7 – MyAlbum for Facebook


This one’s strictly for those who’re obsessed with uploading photographs on FB. Apart from enabling you to upload and share multiple photos to an existing or a new album, this application also lets you download all the images you get tagged in. A Pro version is also available alongside its free edition. It grants you the added ability to tag uploaded photos, and it also eliminates the nagging ads. The app offers an amazingly streamlined experience for your FB photo uploading.


We’re sure you’ll ‘Like’ all these distinct options that we’ve chosen to ‘Share’ with you through our compilation of the best Facebook apps for Android. So be sure to leave a ‘Comment’ or two in the space below about what you feel about them.