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Facebook app will now know what music you’re listening to or what show you’re watching

Something new and unexpected is on the cards for users of Facebook on Android and iOS devices. These apps are soon to be updated with a pretty interesting-sounding feature that will enable them to identify what song you’re listening to or what TV show or movie you’re watching.

Hailing it to be a ‘new way to share and discover music, TV and movies,’ Facebook has revealed that this addition will make use of the microphones on your devices to find out what content you are consuming at that moment. This will help it post status updates in an easy and cool manner.

Facebook App

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Last year, Facebook had introduced the incorporation of feelings and activities for its status messages which it claims have been used in more than 5 billion updates till date. Some of these allow you to manually type in the song you’re listening to or the movie or TV show you’re watching.

The new interface will just ask you to click on a new audio icon to start identifying what’s playing around you. The video in the space below should explain how that works. This will of course be an optional thing, so uninterested users would easily be able to opt out of it.

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Moreover, when you share a particular music track, your friends who will see that update will be able to listen to a 30-second preview of it. In a similar way, for TV shows, the specific season and episode you’re watching will be highlighted, thus helping get the conversation going.

For now, these changes are meant only for the US just like the recently added Nearby Friends trait. They will start being rolled out to the Android and iOS versions of Facebook in the coming weeks.

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