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Facebook App Center gets Send to Mobile button

Facebook App Center Mobile

Just a fortnight ago, the Facebook App Center was unveiled with the idea of presenting visitors with a fairly simple way of browsing through and downloading applications. The latest development on this angle involves a new Send to Mobile button.

The virtual marketplace is accessible from Facebook’s iOS app, its mobile website or the Android application. When a potential user hits on the install button featured on a particular mobile app detail page, they get singed in automatically and then redirected to the utility in question. In cases where the interested party has already installed the concerned native application, the tool opens up without needing to be coaxed any further.

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“We’re looking forward to helping people find and install more mobile apps with the App Center. It’s not too late to include your mobile app in the launch, so make sure you integrate Facebook Login and create your app detail page,” was what Facebook had to say to developer folks.

Facebook App Center Mobile Button

In cases where the native app hasn’t been installed, the install page in Google Play or iTunes is thrown into the picture automatically. Once the Send to Mobile button is clicked, users are logged into the application that they are sent a notification about it. Any mobile app with Facebook Login can be listed in the virtual store.

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At present, 7 of the top 10 grossing iOS applications and 5 out of the top 10 Android ones are part of the Facebook App Center.