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Facebook apes Snapchat with new camera filters, ephemeral Stories

Facebook Camera Filters

Facebook’s taking on Snapchat head-on with its latest app update, introducing disappearing posts and an array of camera filters. The changes will be rolled out over the course of the week for both Android and iOS.

Starting things off with Facebook’s revamped in-app camera, you can now access it by tapping on the camera icon on the top left or swiping right from News Feed. It’s been filled to the brim with masks, frames, interactive filters, and reactive effects like falling snow. You may even apply styles to videos in real-time.

Facebook’s additionally tied-up with movies like Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Despicable Me 3, and Wonder Woman to create custom masks. It’s also adding two new ways to communicate with friends called Stories and Direct. The first lets you upload a string of photos and videos which will stick around for 24 hours within a new Stories bar located above News Feed.

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You can get started with this by tapping on the ‘Your Story’ icon. Note that your temporary post won’t appear on your Timeline or in News Feed unless you specifically post the collection there. As for Direct, the tool is meant for sharing single images or videos with specific contacts for a limited period of time.

Facebook Stories Direct

People will be able to view the media, replay it once within 24 hours, and jot down a reply upon opening a Direct message. They won’t be able to see it again after the conversation ends.

You can download Facebook via the Play Store or App Store.