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Facebook Aiming For A Chunk Of The Newsletter Business Now


After launching Facebook News, the social network now aims to monetize the newsletter business and will soon start testing partnerships with independent writers for its new publishing platform.

According to a report in Axios, the newsletter publishing platform is free-to-use, and will be integrated with Facebook Pages.

The Pages integration will allow writers, journalists and content professionals to publish content outside of text, like live videos and “Stories” status updates.

The platform will also include tools for journalists to build actual websites.

“Facebook plans to build tools within the platform that allow writers to monetize their websites and newsletters with subscriptions, and possibly other forms of revenue down the line,” the report mentioned on Tuesday.

Facebook is not alone as Twitter in January acquired Revue, an email service that makes it free and easy for anyone to start and publish editorial newsletters, for an undisclosed sum.

The move will allow Twitter to effectively utilize its user base of writers, journalists and publications that regularly use the service.

“Facebook wants to be a part of the newsletter business, and it’s willing to pay for it,” reports Axios.

Facebook will allow writers to create Groups for their products on the platform, and will provide writers with metrics about how content is performing.