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Facebook ad changes to ease marketer woes, possibly drive up revenues

Streamlined Facebook Ads

Facebook has updated its ads products to make it simpler for marketers to decide on how they want to reach users. Speaking of this change, there’s a cookie in it for both parties. It will get easier for businesses to choose the right products and hence be heard by the intended audience. And it just makes plain common sense to assume that the social networking giant will also profit from these introductions.

Through the next 6 months, Facebook plans to cut down on the number of ad units offered to less than half of the 27 presently available ones. The whole idea is to do away with the unnecessary bits and render the whole process of advertising on the website a much more convenient task. Take the Questions product in Pages for starters. Marketers can pose a question in a post and ask people to answer via the comments section instead of resorting to a separate Questions format.

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Questions Unit Removed

Another big tweak (set for fall) will be the company’s decision to bring social context to ads without requiring marketers to purchase sponsored stories. So if a Page post photo campaign is created, when Facebook members look at it, they should also be able to see which of their friends have ‘liked’ it. Studies by Datalogix, Nielsen and comScore have been cited while clarifying the need for this move. It’s been found that this sort of strategy could mean more brand recall and returns on ad spend.

Offer Unit Going Out

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Facebook is even on the way to getting rid of the online Offer product unit since a Page post link advertisement is apparently a better guarantee of directing users to deals on the concerned businesses’ websites. Late this month itself, the social networking service will begin trying to let marketers present their campaigns in a more streamlined manner than usual. One of the main goals is to help companies tailor their ads for desktop as well as mobile platforms. Advertisers should eventually be able to state their objectives and get automatic suggestions on the products that can be engaged through the SNS.

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Ultimately, more ads on Facebook will mean more revenues from this front for the company. From the consumer point of view, if campaigns can be fine-tuned to reach audiences who actually care about the product at hand, who’s complaining?

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