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eXposé, a Solution to beat Online Piracy announced by Hungama Mobile and Friend Media Technology Systems

Hungama Mobile and FMTS logos Hungama Mobile has teamed-up with UK-based Friend Media Technology Systems (FMTS) to offer solutions to curb the highly rampant issue of online piracy. The two companies have come together to provide software solutions by its latest technological enhancement called “eXposé.”. Thanks to this unique solution, media and entertainment industries will get customized software solutions that will allow them to recognize and take charge of the use and abuse of their IP and brands.

eXposé powers exclusive data analysis algorithms that check a broad range of sources of the web, from P2P networks to discussion forums and newsgroups. This will help in detecting across the internet the exact basis, whether it is an individual or a community, from where a user’s IP and brands are being pirated and distributed. Numerous benefits, which include precise real-time monitoring, C&D notices, competitor and market awareness, monitor public profile and global dissemination, are covered by eXposé.

Neeraj Roy, MD & CEO, Hungama Mobile stated, “The Indian Film and Television industry has been facing a daunting task of growing piracy and the infringement of intellectual properties as movies, serials, songs, etc are illegally downloaded through the internet. With the advent of growing piracy, there is an urgent need for stronger and foolproof solutions to curb the ever-growing menace. With the launch of eXposé software, digital world will have a more vigilant approach towards piracy. We are confident that more than 50 per cent of the market will be using this service within a year.”

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“Hungama will cover the music and video section in the online space initially and as we move ahead, we will also target other platforms where mobile segment will be the next target.” Roy added

Roy also mentioned that in the beginning, Hungama will take care of the music and video section in the online space and as things get better, the company will also target other platforms where mobile segment will be the next target.

Jonathan Friend, Director of engineering, Friend Media Technology Systems said, “Friend Media provides companies with a unique data analysis algorithm solution that monitors a vast array of sources on the internet from peer-to-peer networks to discussion forums and newsgroups. The solution works at three levels. Firstly, FMTS provides monitoring services and identifies the seeding point (starting point). Secondly, it removes content from the site and sends infringement notices to the people concerned and lastly uses the data in a positive way to understand how specific content is accepted. We are very happy to be associated with the market leader in digital entertainment, Hungama Mobile who have a direct access to the entire Indian entertainment and media industry.”

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Both the companies are leaders in their respective fields. While Hungama Mobile is the largest aggregator of Indian Mobile and Digital Entertainment content with more than 16 record labels, 20 studios, numerous broadcasters and a range of 255 original content owners, Hungama represents almost 70% of all Bollywood content for digital distribution globally; FMTS is a global provider of custom-made technology solutions for the media and entertainment industries.

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