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9 Evite Alternatives

Evite Alternatives

Here are some of the best Evite alternatives for all those planning a party. Thanks to these options, you’ll be able to send out attractive invites to all your friends and acquaintances while saving up on paper, stamps and in some cases, loads of time. Each one of them houses a plethora of designs that enable you to unleash your creative side and dabble in some ‘crafty’ solutions. Whether you’re planning a Halloween party or a family get-together, you can expect a great turnout when you employ the help of these sites.

1 – Punchbowl:


Punchbowl can become your ideal companion especially when you’re tasked with throwing a rocking party. Some of its party planning features include gift gestures, potluck organization, local vendor search, and customizable digital invitations. And you don’t really have to wait for a birthday or anniversary to celebrate. The site also caters to those who are planning to throw a 4th of July bash or an Olympic blowout which seems quite apt considering the games are just around the corner. Besides offering invites, it even gives you party food, decoration, and ideas for executing the perfect celebration.

2 – Pingg:


Pingg is looked upon as an online invitation and event planning source that boasts of offering various eye-catching designs for just about any occasion. Hosts can fashion their own customized invitations and send them across to the desired guests through email, social networks, and even postal mail. You’ll also be able to seamlessly track and manage all your RSVPs without having to run about too much.

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All the things you need are right at your fingertips. For all you party enthusiasts out there, you needn’t play host to just one summer party during the whole season. You can cool off with BBQ, Beach, Pool and Picnic parties. And you’ll find all the necessary help right here.

3 – Zoji:


According to the brains behind Zoji, the website ‘provides online tools to help you plan activities off-line.’ This entrant in our sites like Evite lineup helps you organize events for different theme parties as well as get-togethers of social groups; be it with work friends, cousins or BBQ buddies. Although the site doesn’t accommodate too many frills, it’s still a great option for getting your ideas across to friends in a simple and uniform manner. You’ll also be able to plan ahead as all the RSVP information you need, will be laid out on the event page itself.

4 – PurpleTrail:


Weddings, birthdays or holidays; you name the occasion and PurpleTrail will give you the appropriate invitation solutions. There are over 5,000 exclusive designs to opt from. The varied choice makes it easier to zero in on the perfect card for the occasion at hand.

You can also collect RSVPs from party goers which help in better scheduling your events. Besides offering only online options, you can even make your own cards and have them either professionally printed or printed at home.

5 – Socializr:


Socializr is a no-nonsense option that shows you how to create your own invites and send them across to loved ones, all in a few easy steps. It’s so simple that even grandma can host a Bingo night for all her friends with just a couple of keyboard taps and mouse clicks. And like all of the other options in our roster, this one also has beautifully rendered cards for every occasion, whether its marriage-related stuff like bridal showers and rehearsal dinners or milestones such as graduation and housewarming.

6 – Anyvite:


The creator of Anyvite asks, ‘why to spend a long time creating mediocre, advertisement-filled invitations when you can make simple and effective invites that get the message across?’ This option on our sites like Evite roster offers a wide range of designs to avail of. But if you still can’t find the one that fits your fancy, it even allows you to make your own cards by searching Flickr or uploading a picture. Once that’s done, all you need to do is search for an appropriate location, enter the invitation details and configure invitation options. Some of the other attributes featured here include Twitter integration, update calendars and even the option to sell tickets to your event.

7 – Shindigg:


From calling just a few friends for a small gathering to inviting nearly half the town for your going away party, you can rely on Shindigg to provide a great blowout bash, irrespective of the occasion. The developer calls on individuals to ‘get their party on’ and plan a great event. Through Shindigg, you’ll easily be able to create your own party website, infuse in all the details of the event, send invites and even upload the photos of the gig the next day. No pop-up or Flash-based ads here, only pure party bliss.

8 – Manvite:


All those guys who found a few of our services similar to Evite a ‘bit too girlie,’ well, here’s Manvite, a website that puts a little machismo into invitation sending. As the title explains, guys can avail of straightforward and simple invites rather than online summons that is endowed with flowery fonts and bubbling champagne glasses. Now you can invite the boys over for football or host a bowling night, all via Manvite. Planning a bachelor party or a gaming marathon at your place? Simply punch in the event and send the invites to all your buddies.

9 – Paperless Post:

Paperless Post

Paperless Post enters our list redefining the tradition of stationery. Through this virtual solution, you can send and track online custom cards and invitations. And if you find yourself away from a computer, you can always just pull out your iOS device to form invites and even track your event RSVPs.

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What’s more, when you’re fashioning summons from the app, you’ll also be able to snap a picture and integrate it into your virtual card. Gain access to vital event details like date and location as well as view public guest lists.


With the dawn of the tech age, nearly everything has gone the virtual way. And with friends and family, even grandpa, active on the internet and social networking sites, why spend your greens on mailing invite when you can simply send beautiful ones which will reach guests in no time at all? So which among the aforementioned Evite alternatives helped make your party a success? Do let us know by dropping a comment or two in the box situated below.