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8 Evernote Alternatives

The 8 Evernote alternatives are here to help you jot down and organize all your virtual notes. It could be brief messages on the PC or even recipes and grocery lists on your mobile phone. If Evernote allowed you to remember everything, our picks will definitely aid you capture and save all that matters to you. So whether you’re a business professional or a student, you’ll still find these software options a handy lot. They are each crafted with interesting attributes that will certainly cater to all your needs.

Evernote Alternatives

1 – Springpad:


The maker of Springpad reveals that through this app, you’ll be able to create, save and share notes and tasks either with yourself or in collaboration with others. On a larger scale, whole public notebooks can also be shared via this gem.

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And besides just sitting back and watching silently, the application plays an active part in your life by lending useful bits of information for the notes that you store. So if you save a restaurant, it will, in turn, offer you maps and reviews for the same. Whether you’re on the go or seated at your computer, you’ll still be able to store and access data on Springpad. Besides the PC, this inclusion can also be acquired on iOS- and Android-powered devices, absolutely free of cost.

2 – NoteSync:


NoteSync with Google Docs does just what its name suggests. This app like Evernote roster entrant syncs all your notes with Google Docs either by the minute or anytime you want. You can even search for specific messages that were created 3 weeks back. It further enhances your note-taking experience by proffering a fast jotting down process complete with helpful keyboard shortcuts.

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Worried about the security measures employed here? Well, secure HTTPS transmission and encrypted local file storage ensure that your work is in safe hands. After making its presence felt on Windows and Mac, NoteSync also forays onto Google Play for just under a dollar.

3 – Simplenote:


The messages you scribble across Simplenote can be accessed just about anywhere, all thanks to its synchronizing ability with your mobile phone, web browser and computer. Endow your notes with tags for easy browsing or simply pin the important ones at the beginning of your list. You can further have shared lists with family members and friends for various situations such as sharing ideas or jotting down the weekly grocery lineup.

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There’s plenty of storage to go around, so you needn’t be afraid of running out of precious space. Seamlessly find the notes you’re looking for in an instant and even access multiple backups when required. Additionally, PC, Mac, iPhone, and iPad owners can all take advantage of Simplenote without spending even a penny.

4 – AquaMinds NoteTaker:

AquaMinds NoteTaker

NoteTaker for OS X made its appearance back in 2002 and is still viewed as one of the top note-taking applications out there. This option in our apps like Evernote roster is infused with an intuitive notebook interface and an integrated outliner. This amalgamation makes creating personal books and organizing information a complete breeze. With this software accommodated into your device, never again will another interesting idea make a clean getaway before being imprinted. Whether the notes are etched out in text, video or audio, you’ll still be able to alter and arrange them according to your desire. AquaMinds NoteTaker can also be utilized to share information with others via a simple layout. This app further provides password protection with secure AES-128 encryption. It can now be downloaded from the Mac App Store for under €20.

5 – Microsoft OneNote:

Microsoft OneNote

The next candidate in our alternatives list is plucked right out from the house of Microsoft. OneNote boasts of ‘capturing all your ideas and to-dos while on the go.’ Your notes can comprise text, bullets or pictures while the to-do lists come complete with checkboxes for better management.

You can access and edit messages that are synced to Microsoft SkyDrive online storage solution as well as those stored on the PC and web browser. The free iPhone, iPad and Android versions of OneNote enable you to create and edit up to 500 notes. Unlimited use is also possible by parting ways with $4.99 via an in-app purchase.

6 – KeepNote:


KeepNote employs a simple notebook hierarchy that allows users to neatly store all their to-do lists, class notes, paper outlines, research notes and journal entries, among others. Inline images and bullet-point lists can also be scattered across your message. Furthermore, all your notes are laid out in editable file formats such as XML and HTML. According to the developer, storing and transferring notes is as simple as copying and zipping a folder. Other attributes featured here include full-text search, integrated backup and restore, file attachments, built-in screenshot, auto-saving, spell check and extensions. This cross-platform software unleashes across Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.

7 – DEVONthink:


Blessed with an interesting logo that resembles an Ammonite, DEVONthink is fashioned to manage and organize pieces of information. It stores all your scanned papers, bookmarks, work documents and notes in one place so that you don’t have to run helter-skelter for them when the need arises. Packed with an intuitive interface, this application allows you to create RTF documents, use smart templates, cross-reference documents and even edit them in full screen.

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You can also port along with all notes that matter to you via your Apple iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. It even supports several file formats such as Microsoft Office, Skim, Apple iWork, OpenOffice.org, and Mellel. And like the earlier entry in our software similar to Evernote lineup namely, AquaMinds NoteTaker, DEVONthink can also be purchased from the Mac App Store where it’s tagged at $49.99.

8 – Memonic:


Memonic is described simply as ‘notetaking made easy.’ With this application, you can take notes and even clip your desired web content for easy portability. You have the liberty to either share its contents with the whole world or only a select group.

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It further enables you to access these documents and photos even when your offline, so no need to look out for a Wi-Fi signal or internet connection. You can also sprinkle your important notes with tags and folders. Memonic jumps onto your favorite gadget as it can be downloaded for browsers, Windows, Mac OS X, Android, iPad and iPhone, absolutely free of cost.


So whenever you’re brainstorming or looking for a place to pen those important ideas, don’t hesitate to exploit anyone of the aforesaid Evernote alternatives. They each possess individual features that should appeal to your every requirement while dabbling in this domain. So which ones helped you save, store and share your stuff with ease?