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Evergreen EG-MS221 Speakers Boom Away

Evergreen EG-MS221 Speakers Power and effect is the key in raising the popularity of the speaker but looks and class also matter to an extent. Evergreen EG-MS221 Speakers combine the powerful effect and also sleek looks that add in style and class to it.

Although don’t get fooled by its name ‘Evergreen’ as the device or the brand does not support any kind of eco-friendly move. Evergreen proudly presents their new mini-speaker set, EG-MS221 which claim to provide a crisper experience as compared to standard computer accessories. The speaker shows off its 1.5-inch aluminum audio cones and provides a great effect with its output power of 1.5W and a frequency response of 110Hz-20000Hz, and an impedance power of 4Ω.

Since it is sleek, it can be easily placed well along with your computer or if you want to show off the sleek beauty, then it can be placed as a highlight for the computer. The pricing and availability of these slim-line speakers is not yet been mentioned as yet.

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