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Even HP is working on a Chromebox, but mainly for office and education

Samsung’s Series 3 Chromebox didn’t quite sell as well as its laptop counterparts, but Google is not giving up on the form factor just yet. We recently reported that Asus has come up with its own version of the mini PC and now, even HP is onboard the bandwagon with a model of its own. The HP Chromebox is being touted a compact business and education computer.

Well, amongst the other options, HP’s model appears to be the most attractive, design-wise that is. The company has held back on the technical specifications, but it has mentioned that the device will come with HDMI and DisplayPort for dual monitor connectivity. Then there’s Bluetooth and Wi-Fi as well as 4 USB 3.0 ports for connecting peripherals.

HP Chromebox

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Powering up the HP Chromebox are Haswell based processors and the company will also offer a model with a fourth generation Intel Core i7 SOC. Storage and RAM details haven’t been specified, but you can expect at least 16GB of hoarding space and 2GB of RAM. A SD card slot is also onboard. Owing to the mini PC’s compact design, it can be conveniently placed in tight spaces or mounted to a wall or the back of a monitor.

Mini PC

The HP Chromebox will go on sale in color options of smoke silver, ocean turquoise, snow white and twinkle black. The company hasn’t provided any price as yet for the mini PC, but we don’t expect it to be any higher than $199 for the base model. As far as a release date is concerned, the device will go on sale in the US during spring this year.

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