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European Students to find Lectures Online on iTunes U

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Apple iTunes is one of the most popular online music stores. However now it not only stores music but is also used for educational purposes. Three universities in UK namely, University College London (UCL), the Open University and Trinity College Dublin have decided to avail course lectures through iTunes for students.

These lectures will be available free for students and they can download it from iTunes U. The iTunes U is a free education area within Apple’s iTunes. Not only audio but even video lectures and other course content will be offered to students through this medium.

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Professor Peter Mobbs, head of UCL’s content on iTunes, said, “Our students will be able to revisit materials presented to them in lectures, so they can learn anywhere and anytime.”

While, Professor Denise Kirkpatrick, Pro Vice Chancellor at The Open University, said, “We can open up free access to educational resources as well as a window for our potential students.”

This is the first time when any university in Europe is offering its study material through iTunes. Apple’s iTunes U section is currently used by the students of Harvard and Yale universities, US.

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