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European iPhone to support EDGE and Wi-Fi, say Gartner Analysts

According to an Italy-based Gartner analyst Carolina Milanesi, the European version of the Apple iPhone is expected to support both EDGE and Wi-Fi capabilities.

Apple’s iPhone which has barely hit most of the US shops by now is awaiting a European launch sometime later this year.

She added that the iPhone is expected to be launched by October this year.

More importantly, analysts have expressed their views on whether the European version of the iPhone will have EDGE and Wi-Fi support.

Milanesi claimed that she for the information about the EDGE capability of the first European iPhone from “people working on the device in Taiwan.”

Some analysts have also speculated that Apple would jump directly to a 3G-capable iPhone for its first European version, mainly because of concerns that the Web browsing capability in the US with AT&T’s EDGE network has been slow and rather unsatisfactory for US users of the iPhone.

The European market may just have a broader reach for faster networks. It will certainly be interesting to see what network Apple supports with the launch of the iPhone in this market.