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eSys launches New Low Priced PC in India

eSys PC eSys Information Technologies has introduced a competitively priced PC in the Indian market. The company apparently boasts of its “high-configuration”. The new PC features AMD Athlon 3800 processor, 512MB DDR1 RAM, 160GB HDD, Combo Drive and a 17-inch CRT Monitor.

The new desktop is targeted at home users and the SOHO. eSys claims that its new PC is expected to deliver a powerful user experience at a low price.

On the occasion of the launch Vakul Bhatnagar, GM – eSys Technologies, India said, “India is one of the most vibrant markets with immense growth opportunities for eSys.”

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“We are committed to live up to our reputation for providing value for money to discerning customers and are confident that the recent price-cut will not only make our PCs more affordable to the end users but also provide us with an edge over our competitors and enable us to capture a bigger market share,” Bhatnagar added.

eSys’ new PC will be available in the Indian market at 10,990. eSys’ new PC is an affordable and a value for money product.

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