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15 Essential iPhone Apps

Essential iPhone Apps

Essential iPhone apps are those software bits that simply have to be part of your virtual entourage. They fit into a mixed bag of applications that span across different categories but all scream ‘you can’t do without me’ in one united voice. Now there are quite a few Apple smartphone models strewn out there in the market. And adding to that list is the eagerly awaited iPhone 5. So whether you possess any of the earlier models or plan on buying the latest one, make sure you stock up on all the gems featured here.

1 – Facebook:


We begin with a few options that cater to social butterflies who wish to flutter from one social networking site to another within just a few seconds. Well, up first is an application that’s indeed no stranger to this niche. Facebook has in its kitty all the features that allow you to stay abreast of the latest news making noise in your loved ones’ lives. You’ll be able to easily share pictures and videos as well as update your status anytime, anywhere.

2 – Twitter:


Another favorite in this group is, of course, Twitter. ‘Wherever you are, Twitter brings you closer,’ claims the brains behind this particular social networking option. With this bluebird nestling in your Apple gadget, you’ll know what’s going on halfway across the globe. Follow your favorite celebrities and even your friends by receiving instant updates and conducting real-time searches for trending topics. Tap into various categories like fashion, travel, and entertainment. Retweet posts, and share videos or photos across Twitter without even breaking a sweat.

3 – Dropbox:


If you like porting around all your pictures, videos and vital documents in your pocket, but are afraid that it might be misplaced or subjected to thievery, then we suggest you try the Dropbox app. This free service enables you to access and view all your data that’s stored in your Dropbox account. What’s more, when you want to give friends and family a little peek into your precious content, all you have to do is send them a link to the same instead of bothering with annoying attachments.

4 – Evernote:


Now you don’t have to cramp too many thoughts into your head all at once. Simply allow the Evernote app to help you take the load off your mind. Looked upon as an extension of your brain, this entrant in our roster is noted to be a virtual note-taking apparatus which enables you to jot down information, record voice and audio notes, and even share the same with others via Twitter and Facebook. Snap photos of whiteboards while at an office meeting or create a to-do list so that you don’t forget any chore that’s been chalked out for the day.

5 – Skype:

We know the Apple phone already comes packed with a FaceTime feature which allows you to chat face-to-face with loved ones who have an Apple device tucked away in their holster or at home. But what if your aunt in Australia has an Android phone or maybe a Skype-enabled PC, and not an iDevice? Well, here’s where the Skype app comes in. Once you’ve downloaded it, you’ll be able to watch your relatives’ faces light up with joy when they talk to you. You can call Skype contacts through Wi-Fi or 3G absolutely free of cost or take advantage of Skype Credit for making international calls.

6 – Movies by Flixster:

Movies by Flixster

Let Flixster satisfy the movie buff in you; just bring the popcorn and beverages. Besides letting you browse through trailers, movie reviews and showtimes, the application also allows you to download full-length movies, directly to your phone. This way, you can avail of entertaining flicks whether you’re waiting at the airport terminal or lounging out at home. Wondering what are the top films currently ruling the box office or the movies that are due to arrive soon? Well, simply turn to the Movies by Flixster app for the latest buzz on the same and more.

7 – Spotify:


Make sure you ‘spot’ this particular delight on iTunes and make it a permanent resident in your Apple iDevice. Spotify tugs at the heartstrings of music lovers as it enables them to acquire the latest music that’s blaring on the radio. There’s even a premium version available which allows you to gain access to millions of songs as well as stream music online and even listen to playlists while away from an internet connection.

8 – Instagram:


Shower your shots with sprinkles of creativity through Instagram. With this inclusion in our lineup, you’ll be able to bring a professional spin to all our pictures. Exploit free custom-designed borders and filters like Hudson, Rise, 1977 and Lo-fi as well as other attributes such as filtered effects and tilt-shift blur. And once you’re satisfied with your revamped creations, why not share them with the world via Facebook, Flickr, Foursquare, Twitter, Tumblr and Posterous?

9 – Plants vs. Zombies:

Bored with just serious applications dominating your menu? Well, kick back with an engaging game that features the undead and fighting fit flowers. We’re talking about a title that’s christened simply as Plants vs. Zombies. An army of 26 different fun-loving zombies are heading straight for your door. What do you do? Well, strategically place an arsenal of 49 flora fellows that comprises of cherry bombs, pea shooters and walnuts. The game is jam-packed with 50 levels in adventure mode and 44 awesome achievements. And if you thought weeds were the only nasty things in your garden, well there’s nothing more troublesome than having the mindless menace population shuffle across your yard. Play Plants vs. Zombies and you’ll see what we mean.

10 – Reuters News :

Thomson Reuters News Pro

With access to the Thomson Reuters News Pro app, you no longer have to wait for the morning paper in order to get your daily dose of the latest news that’s making headlines all over the globe. Whether you’re interested in bulls and bears or simply want to scope out the entertainment scene, all you have to do is throw a glance at your phone. Get your hands on breaking news bits as they happen and view video coverage of all the business and news stories from around the world. The application is also infused with an Oddly Enough section where you get to indulge in the quirky side of life.

11 – LastPass for Premium:

LastPass For Premium Customers

Having trouble remembering passwords to all your email ids, social networking accounts and other such websites? Well, as the developer of the LastPass for Premium Customers app reveals, ‘LastPass is the last password you’ll ever have to remember.’ All you have to do is set up the software using your PC or Mac and voila, all your login and password data is now synced to your phone. This primarily helps you fill online forms more efficiently and even perform account logins quickly.

12 – Flipboard:


Here’s one more gem for all you social butterflies out there. Flipboard splashes across the iDevice with a beautiful design and creates a personalized magazine that comprises of shared material plucked right out from different sites. This includes Twitter timeline tweets, Instagram photos from friends, YouTube videos, Google+ Circles and Facebook newsfeeds. And besides just tapping into the social aspect of things, this contender in our list also stacks up on interesting reading material from publications like the Rolling Stone as well as niche blogs.

13 – TripAdvisor:


Avail of your own virtual travel agent and adviser via the TripAdvisor app. The software will help you choose some great hotels and restaurants as well as a few interesting places to visit while abroad. Furthermore, you’ll also be able to make a better choice while considering which airlines to ride the skies with thanks to the efficient flight search option. Hit the Near Me Now button to acquire the best deals that can be found well within your reach.

14 – WeatherPro:


Wondering when’s the best time to head out for a picnic at the local park? Well, let the WeatherPro app provide you with the answer to that and much more. The seven-day forecasts include a temperature in Celsius/Fahrenheit, 3-hourly intervals, wind direction and speed, air pressure, relative humidity, and precipitation amount. You can check out what the weather is like half way across the globe and even perceive the forecast as a graph for a better understanding of what Mother Nature has to throw at you the next time you step out onto the curb.

15 – TuneIn Radio Pro:

TuneIn Radio Pro

By shelling out just under a dollar, you’ll be able to tune into all the TuneIn Radio Pro goodness via your Apple iDevice. And besides just allowing you to groove to foot-tapping music, it also booms forth with news and sports information from different parts of the world. The app boasts of more than 70,000 radio stations as well as 2 million on-demand programs. The Pro version also enables you to begin and end your day with the tunes of TuneIn Radio, all thanks to the alarm clock and sleep timer facilities, respectively.


The Apple App Store is packed to the brim with tons of different software solutions that are fashioned either by the Cupertino company itself or third party developers in order to cater to your every need. We know its confines are vast and some of the options and reviews jotted out there may just leave you confused as to which ones to pick up. That’s exactly why we took the liberty to chalk out the essential iPhone apps that simply have to make their way to your device. Have we missed out on any of your favorites? Do let us know which ones are currently taking up space on your smartphone.